Guadalupe Elementary School

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Drop off Pick Up Procedures

10:40-10:50 10:50-11:00
Baza DeFazio
Conley Fujii
Hull Killen
Strubeck/Landis Taylor
Victorine Walpole
  • Your pickup spot is the same as your drop off point. Check the map.

  • Post your child’s last name on the passenger side of your front window.

  • Pick up is “Airport Style.” Drive to your pickup point and then look for your child’s teacher’s name. Pull to the curb there and do not get out of your car. If needed, staff will assist your child in getting to your car.

  • Do not double park!! Go around the block or park in the neighborhood and walk in if there is no place on the curb. Double parking is extremely dangerous because you can’t see a small child running between cars.

  • Drive slowly!

  • Do not park on the other side of Coleman Avenue!
  • Follow the directions of the Traffic Volunteers and Staff.

  • Be courteous and extra careful.