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Gifted and Talented Education

There are two important components to Gifted and Talented services at Guadalupe School.
One component takes place in the regular education classroom.
This Component includes:

1.  Differentiation in Practice: Teachers incorporate differentiation strategies throughout their instruction and assessment.  For example:
  • In reading, teachers utilize assessment to determine strengths and reading levels of the students.  Teachers may utilize such tools and strategies as leveled books that are matched to student reading abilities, flexible reading groups, literature circles, and/or provide students with opportunities to experience literature and writing units that offer enrichment and choice for GATE students.
  • In math, teachers may use pre-testing (compacting) to determine activities and enrichment curriculum for students who understand concepts in the chapter, and incorporate advanced problem-solving activities that ask students to think, and write about mathematical processing.
  • Additional instructional tools that offer differentiated opportunities for GATE students include the use of challenging academic vocabulary, math and science journals, FOSS Science, Accelerated Reader, technology , and project-based assignments.

2.  After-School GATE Classes: The second component of GATE program includes instructional modules that are offered outside of regular class time throughout the district.  USD Educational Services Department will be sending out a letter to all 4-5 GATE parents in October with information about the fall after-school GATE classes.

Last Modified on September 21, 2016