Guadalupe Elementary School

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4th Grade Bike Rodeo


Your child learned basic bicycling skills, as well as bicycle safety and rules of the road. Here are some points that that your child will learn:


Students learned how to ride their bikes in a straight line and how to stop in a controlled manner. They were also taught how to execute right turns at a corner after checking for cross traffic. Part of this course taught how to avoid obstacles in a controlled manner without excessive swerving.


It is very important that your child knows how to move left and scan the road when riding their bikes, so that they can avoid serious bike/car crashes. Students were taught how to scan looking over their left shoulder without swerving their bicycle, then move left only after checking behind them to make sure it was safe to proceed.


Learning how to safely ride out of a driveway is very important so that your child avoids crashes. Students learned how to check for cross traffic and wait until it is safe to turn before entering a roadway. They also learned how to push off quickly and smoothly from a stop.


Teaching how to yield right of way at stop signs is important because many crashes occur when bicyclists don’t yield at stop signs. Your child was taught how to yield to traffic that has the right of way at intersections and how when to proceed at intersections without stop signs. They also practiced using eye contact and hand motions to confirm who goes first.


California law states that all children under the age of 18 years old must wear a helmet when riding bicycle as well as scooters, skateboards, and skates/rollerblades.

Bicycling is a fun, and healthy way that you and your child(ren) can get to and from school, as well as a fun family activity. For more information about the Safe Routes to School Program, please contact Traffic Safe Communities Network at (408) 793-2700.