Guadalupe Elementary School

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Guadalupe Cheer

The Guadalupe School Spirit Chant
Leader “Guadalupe is our school, and it is the best!”

Kids “It is the best school in the west!”

Together “G-UA-DAL-UPE!”……..”G-UA-DAL-UPE!”

Leader “Time for”

Kids “Time for”

Leader “Roll call”

Kids “Roll call”

Leader “TK, Kindergarten start us out.”

Kinders “Yeah, kindergarten, let’s shout!”

Leader “First grade are you here?”

1st gr. “Yeah, first grade is here!”

Leader “Second grade, do your cheer.”


2nd gr. “Yeah, second grade, is here to cheer!

Leader “Third grade is all right.”

3rd gr. “Yeah, third grade is all right!”

Leader “Fourth grade is out of sight.”

4th gr. “Yeah, fourth grade is out of sight!”

Leader “Fifth grade are you cool?”

5th gr. “Yeah, we’re so cool we rule the school!”

Leader “Teachers make it clear.”

Teachers “Yeah, Teachers make it very clear!”

Together “G-UA-DAL-UPE!”……..”G-UA-DAL-UPE!”

Together “Guadalupe Grizzlies. We Are The Best!”